Model: IOG2178

Hugs n' Kisses - 18kt Layered Chain

Price: $3.50 per Inch
Width of Chain: mm
Care: Can be worn at all times. Avoid wearing in Hot Tubs and Chlorinated Swimming Pools.

Chains have a Lifetime Warranty and are guaranteed never to lose their 18kt Goldthick layer.The chains are coated in acryseal, a clear laquer, to help protect the gold layer.The base metal consists of Jeweller's Brass, which makes these chains very affordable. The look of Gold for a fraction of the price!

Suggested Lengths: 4-6"Bracelets for Children, 7-8" Bracelets for Ladies, 8-9" Bracelets for Men, 10-11" Anklets, 12-14" Necklaces for Children, 15"-30" Necklaces for Adults,32-40" Belly Chains

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