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What is a Privacy Policy?

Many people are concerned about their privacy on the Internet. Some withhold from filling in forms or placing orders because of the fear that their information will be shared with other companies. We all know what it's like. You give your name to one store or organization, and in no time, your mailbox is full of junk mail, and annoying telemarketing calls interrupt your dinner. At Elements of Design, we respect your privacy. Our privacy policy is a statement of what we do with personal information you provide, and more importantly, what we don't do with it.

Our Privacy Policy

Our online privacy policy is simple. The staff that operates our web site uses the personal information you provide us, either by signing up for our mailing list, placing an order, or writing to us to ask a question, internally. Your information will never be revealed to a third party.

When you place an order...

When you place an order, we require you to provide us with your name, e-mail address, and phone number. We require a mailing address to ship your order to. This information is never given to any third party and is only used by the staff of Elements of Design to contact you regarding your order.

All customer contact information is stored in a protected section of our server, which cannot be accessed by anyone but our web site staff. We will never give personal information you provide us online to any other company or organization.

When you join our email list...

You may optionally sign up for our emailing list/newsletter to receive promotional information from Elements of Design. We will never give your email address to any other company.

If you ever decide to stop receiving this information, you can be removed at any time simply click on the link on the bottom of the page entitled Newsletter Unsubscribe – and take your name off our mailing list.  Or click here:  Remove my name from the Mailing List

While you're surfing...

We use the web logs of our server to collect aggregate information about the traffic on our web site and the patterns of our visitors. The information we collect anonymously from you includes your IP address, browser type and operating system, and screen size of your computer. It also keeps a record of the pages you have visited. This information is completely anonymous; it is never linked to you personally and cannot be used to uniquely identify you. We use this information only as a means of seeing which sections of our web site are the most popular and identifying trends and patterns in the way people use our web site. This information, as with all other information you provide us, is never given to any other company or organization.

And that's how we use your information. It's as simple as that. If you have any concerns about your privacy online, please e-mail us at
info@elementsofdesign.ca. We'll be glad to answer your questions!

Shannon Latour, Owner

Elements of Design

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