Shipping and Returns

Shipping and Returns

FREE shipping will apply to orders of $100 CAD (before taxes) or more within Canada and the U.S.A .

Any orders not eligible for free shipping will be subject to a flat rate charge of $10.00 to all Canadian and U.S destinations.

Please note: We do not process International Orders at this time.

Orders are shipped within 48 hours, for all items in stock, after receiving your order. Orders are shipped via Canada Post. When your ordered is shipped you will receive an email telling you that your package has been shipped. If you receive a  tracking # you can follow your package online using your tracking number. Just go to: http://www.canadapost.ca. Estimated delivery time for in-stock items within North America is generally 3-15 business days from receipt of the order. Shipments to the USA require more processing time at Customs.  Due to unforeseen delays, Elements of Design does not guarantee shipping times. Estimated shipping times will increase over the Holiday season so please order early to ensure your package will arrive in time.  We advise placing your order before November 15th to insure arrival for Christmas. 


If an item is currently not in stock, or a backorder has occurred due to high demand, we will contact you immediately to give you a time frame in which to expect your item. When informed of a backorder you can choose to:

 a) have all items held until the entire order is ready

 b) have the backordered item removed from your order completely (no extra charge will result from cancelling an item – unless your remaining items do not add up to $100 in which you may be charged for shipping)

 c) have in-stock items shipped now, and the backorder shipped when it becomes available (no extra shipping charge will result from a backorder) 

Please contact us within 48 hours of receiving an email about your item(s) being backordered stating which course of action we should take. If no communication has been received from you within 48 hours – we will proceed with option (c).

A few items are created at our location in Seaforth. Please be patient to receive your handmade jewellery, as it may take some time to have the supplies needed to complete your item, or the artist available to alter it to your specifications. 

Undeliverable Packages

Packages are sometimes returned to us, marked as undeliverable. When the carrier returns an undeliverable package to us, we will contact you immediately to inform you of the delay, and to request verification of your address. There are many reasons why a package was deemed undeliverable. Please read the reasons this may occur below to help prevent this from happening to you.

Incorrect Address: When placing an order for the first time, please double-check your address and especially your postal or zip code.

Failed Delivery Attempts: Usually packages are kept at the post office for 15 days or three attempts are made to deliver the package. Some items require a signature if they are valued at more than $500. If you are out of town for an extended period, or on vacation, and have no one authorized to sign and pick up your mail it will be returned to us after 15 days.

Refused by Recipient: Some clients may refuse a parcel if they are not expecting it or if they believe the package was sent to them in error. If you plan to send an item to a someone as a Gift – you may want to let them know that a surprise is on the way.

Item was too big for a P.O. Box: Some items are too big to be placed in your box and need to be shipped to your street address. If the street address was marked on the package it may be returned.

Human Error: Sometimes it may be a mistake on our part. We either wrote the address down wrong, or it became illegible during shipping, or perhaps the carrier made an error and delivered it to a different address than what was printed on the label. 

Taxes Charged

Tax is not charged on any item(s) shipped to the U.S.A.

Tax will be added onto all Canadian orders in the amount of the Provincial & Federal tax rates of the province the order will be shipped to. 

Returns, Refunds and Exchanges Policy

Elements of Design stands behind the quality and beauty of our products! We offer a one year warranty on all our jewellery – and many brand name pieces have longer warranty’s (i.e. many watch brands have a two year warranty). The companies we work with are flexible and understand the need for the customer to be 100% satisfied with their purchase.

Pictures can sometimes be misleading. We have all bought items online, or from a catalogue, and upon receiving them thought that the item was going to be bigger or smaller. Please read all the measurements on the items you are interested in, and visualize the item’s size (with a ruler in hand). 

14-Day Return Policy

Our 14-day return policy gives you plenty of time to consider your purchase. If at anytime during this 2-week period you want to return your item, we require you contact us immediately of your decision by phone or email. We will then issue you a RMA (return merchandise authorization) number and guide you through the steps listed below to make your return a simple procedure. 


If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return your item(s) (without custom engraving or any other signs of alteration) for a refund or exchange. Contact our store at info@elementsofdesign.ca to request RMA (return merchandise authorization) #. Please explain the reason for the return.

Upon receiving your returned item(s), Elements of Design will refund you the returned products value via the same payment channel as your purchase less a 10% restocking fee.  Please note that ALL shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. We request that the original receipt, packaging (boxes or bags), and any free gifts received be returned to Elements of Design, along with the item being returned for a refund. If you would prefer, we can offer you a store credit for 100% of the returned products value (excluding taxes, shipping & changes in the exchange rate).   

Non-returnable items:   

  • Gift Certificates are non-refundable and are therefore, non-returnable.  If you cannot find an item you like on the website, please visit our retail store in Seaforth, Ontario for more selection.  
  • Items that have been altered by the customer or another jeweller – (e.g. engraved, soldering, stones replaced, rings resized) 
  • Items that have been damaged beyond recognition – (e.g. chewed up by lawn mower, run over by vehicle, amber that has melted from exposure to excessive heat). However, if a beaded necklace has broken and all the pieces are found and returned – we can restring it. 
  • Cleaners. Opened jars of liquid (e.g. Hagerty cleaners), used jewellery cloths.  
  • Single earrings. Unfortunately, many of my suppliers do not offer the option to buy only one earring. If you have lost one – buying another pair and keeping the original single earring as a back-up seems to be the only course of action. If one earring is damaged, or missing a stone due to a manufacturing defect – please return the entire pair for exchange.   *If the earring is made by the owner of Elements of Design (contact us to be sure) – we will gladly make up one earring and charge you for ˝ a pair. Please mail back the single to ensure a perfect match.

How do I return an item?

1. Contact our store info@elementsofdesign.ca to request RMA (return merchandise authorization) #. Please explain the reason for the return.

2. Package your item in a corrugated box or bubble envelope, along with the original receipt. Properly pad the item(s) to ensure no damage will occur during shipping. 3. Seal the box well and label the outside clearly with our address and your address in the upper left corner. Please use permanent marker or use clear, Mylar tape over an ink-jet printer label as the ink may run and become illegible otherwise. 4. Mark clearly on the outside of the package whichever of the following actions you have been authorized to do (along with your RMA #): 




5. Return your item(s), with a courier that issues a tracking number, to:

Elements of Design 
PO Box 69
14 Main St.S.
Seaforth, ON N0K1W0

 *Expedited or Expresspost are both trackable and sometimes require our phone # to be on the slip.  Our phone # is (519) 600-2323. 

 6. Do not insure your item for more than the minimum amount ($100) unless we specify otherwise. A signature is not required. Average shipping costs should be no more than $15. 

 7. If you are required to fill out a form showing a “list of contents” for Customs, please avoid writing the words “jewellery”, “gold”, or “diamonds”. Use words like “fashion accessory” or “beading supplies”. 

Tracking your package:

With your tracking number you can track your package and see if and when we have received your return.

Canada Post  

  • Package Tracking: http://www.canadapost.ca 
  • Telephone (within Canada): 1 (888) 550-6333
  • Telephone (outside Canada): 1 (416) 979-8822  



  • Package Tracking: http://www.ups.ca
  • Telephone (within and outside Canada): 1 (800) 742-5877 


Items that can be repaired:

Sometimes we need to have a piece repaired due to just everyday wear and tear. Below is a list of brand name pieces we carry and the corresponding warranty coverage:  

BOCCIA© Titanium - Watches have a 2 year warranty on the movement.  Watch crystals and leather bands can be replaced.  Please call for a quote. Titianium watches take a standard-size battery which can be replaced at any jewellery store that offers the service. Titanium jewellery will be replaced within 30 days if defective.  


Inch of Gold© -  Chain by the Inch has an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. Any break can be repaired onsite at Elements of Design in Seaforth, Ontario. Simply mail the item and the original invoice to show us the correct length needed. Occasionally, we have customers with a high acidity in their skin that, with their perspiration can literally “eat” through metals. If you know you have this condition, please avoid plated products. Please avoid wearing these chains in chlorinated swimming pools and hot tubs.  

Larus Marcasite© - These marcasite jewellery pieces have claw-set stones that can be replaced. Some rings can be sized. Please return the item to Elements of Design within 12 months of your date of purchase and we will fix or replace the item for no charge. After 12 months from your purchase date we will repair your item for a minimum of $25, plus any additional fees based on the extent of damage. 

All other items

All other items will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please email us at info@elementsofdesign.ca describing the problem, and we will try to resolve it.   

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